Penny Power emergency and safety equipment purchased with sales tax

Did you see the Gillette News Record article about how the 1% funds the purchase of emergency and safety equipment in Campbell County, Wyoming?

“Campbell County allocated $1.4 million in 1 Percent funds to the Sheriff’s Office for vehicles and vehicle equipment between July 2014 and June 2018.

“Without the 1 Percent, we would have to make capital requests for each vehicle,” Reynolds said. “Having a specific fund for this equipment makes everything safer for residents and officers because we know we can make replacements when we need to.”

“Even though we don’t use a lot of 1 Percent money, if the 1 Percent went away, it would affect us,” said Police Chief Jim Hloucal. “Without the 1 Percent, general fund money would have to go toward things like roads, leaving less general fund money for all city departments, including the Police Department. That would put a strain on our operation and upkeep, making our equipment less reliable and possibly affecting our staffing levels.

Read more how the 1% tax contributes to safety equipment in the Gillette News Record article, 1 Percent money contributes to emergency, safety equipment:

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