Article: Gillette College has received more than m from city and county in 1 percent money

Did you see the Gillette News Record article about how the 1% funds Gillette College?

“In 2010, Campbell County residents filled out their Optional 1 Percent Sales Tax surveys and ranked Gillette College as the second highest priority for dollars if the tax was passed by voters that year.

That’s when the community college became a familiar part of the 1 Percent conversation, when voters are asked to pass the optional tax during a general election for it to continue. Campbell County has approved the tax since 1976.”

“It’s benefited the college tremendously,” Englert said. “It provides us resources to have essential programs.”

The college had been understaffed when the city and county began to contribute 1 Percent money to its programs, Englert said. The additional money allowed it to offer classes, including math — one of the first instructors it hired with 1 Percent money.

It has allowed the college to backfill positions as well, including machining, diesel or welding instructors”

Read the full Gillette News Record article, “Gillette College has received more than $5m from city and county in 1 percent money”

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