Thank you Lance Wheeler for your recent letter to the editor in the Gillette News Record about the 1% sales tax in Campbell County, Wyoming.

With all of the controversy surrounding the Optional 1 Percent Sales Tax, I wanted to share my thoughts.

Having lived in Campbell County for 40 years, I’ve seen many things change, some good, some not as good. One thing that has always been a positive is the 1 Percent. We benefit from good streets, sewer, maintenance, fire suppression equipment and gear, services and a host of other things because of the 1 Percent.

Consistently, the people of Campbell County have supported it at every election and the difference is both visible and measurable. This is one of those positives that the people not only get to decide to keep or discard, but they also decide, for the most part, where the money goes. That is rare.

I travel for my job, to dozens of communities similar in size and makeup to those in Campbell County, supported by similar industries, some with higher taxes. None have what we have in Campbell County.

Poorly maintained roads, failing infrastructure, inability to attract business and a lower level of services available to the citizens. The more I travel, the more I have learned to value what we, the voters and citizens, have given ourselves by way of the Optional 1 Percent.

I would encourage anyone who has questions about the tax to research, outside of social media. Go to the source. The facts are readily available for anyone who wants them.

There are volumes of misleading information, narratives that leave out critical information, and the like. Then go visit a few mining/oil field communities in the western states and learn to appreciate for yourself the gifts you have given yourself by voting yes.

Lance Wheeler


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