“There are 49 miles of bike and walking paths in the Gillette, Wyoming area, and much more is planned.

Those who enjoy the bike, running and walking paths can thank the Optional 1 Percent Sales Tax for nearly all of them.

For the city of Gillette, that money is used to match federal funding. Usually it’s an 80-20 split, with federal grants paying for 80 percent of the cost and Gillette paying the other 20 percent.”

Read more about the wonderful bike and walking paths in Campbell County, Wyoming in the Gillette News Record article, City, county have constructed more than 49 miles of pathways in Gillette: https://www.gillettenewsrecord.com/news/local/article_dc3d96c8-bf94-559f-bd25-1b3d91d440f6.html

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