Thank you Suzie Skinner for your recent letter to the editor in the Gillette News Record about the 1% sales tax in Campbell County, Wyoming.

I am completely dumbfounded and disappointed in the people who claimed to be “FOR” the Optional 1 Percent Sales Tax during all these 1 Percent meetings only to find out it was a ruse to get the 1 Percent tax onto the ballot so they can vote NO.

I heard a variety of arguments and none make sense or are filled with fear-mongering and misinformation. I feel these people are entitled and have never been to a place that truly struggles with maintaining parks, roads, education, infrastructure and a variety of community services.

These people don’t understand the concept of struggling. They don’t need this so why should other people? I hope that they will never be put into a situation where they need community resources.

Do we want to get to the point in our town where we have potholes that destroy our vehicles, costing more maintenance? Maybe a few more teens need to kill themselves before we get the picture? Maybe we need our water to start on fire? I mean who doesn’t love sewage in their drinking water or to water their lawn? Maybe we need the type of public education that guarantees our children don’t succeed? Maybe we don’t need parks? Maybe we don’t need to feel safe in our community?

I guess to put it simply: This 1 Percent tax helps our community so much. We don’t even realize there is a 1 Percent tax while it’s in effect. Keeping the 1 Percent tax permanently harms no one. If there were huge negative effects, I feel like those would be known to us by now. This isn’t about politics, this is about our community, our homes, and our lives.

This 1 percent tax is more than 40 years old, which is longer than the average stay of a Campbell County resident before moving to a different community. We will see the ramifications if the 1 Percent tax goes away. Ridiculously high utility bills will come into effect if we want to maintain the same quality of water, sewer and
electrical services. The quality of our streets, community services, education and many other resources will be reduced or completely eliminated.

I implore you all to go to the city of Gillette website and see all that the 1 Percent tax
has done for our town:

Suzie Skinner