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The This Makes Cents Blog is written by the Campbell County Penny Power Coalition, a volunteer group of citizens who believe in the positive difference that the 1% sales tax brings to Campbell County, Wyoming. We’re looking to engage you in conversation, but we do ask that you do so in a polite and respectful way. Please avoid comments that are profane, offensive or inappropriate. Such comments that are posted on this site are blocked.

Article: 1 Percent helps pay for water infrastructure

Did you see the Gillette News Record article about how the 1% funds water infrastructure? "When it comes to the city’s enterprise funds, the 1 Percent plays a unique role by keeping down costs and rates for customers. The city uses the 1 Percent to pay for capital...

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Article: Like to bike around Campbell County, Wyoming? Thank the 1%

“There are 49 miles of bike and walking paths in the Gillette, Wyoming area, and much more is planned.

Those who enjoy the bike, running and walking paths can thank the Optional 1 Percent Sales Tax for nearly all of them.

For the city of Gillette, that money is used to match federal funding. Usually it’s an 80-20 split, with federal grants paying for 80 percent of the cost and Gillette paying the other 20 percent.”

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Article: Campbell County’s District Grant Program

Did you read the Gillette News Record article that talks about Campbell County's district grant program that is paid for by the 1% sales tax? "Campbell County’s district support grant program, the only one of its kind in the state, helps those who help themselves. The...

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