How Campbell County Parks and Recreation uses 1% Funds

How 1% funds are used at Campbell County Parks and Recreation

Penny Power Coalition members Mary and Felicia decided to take a tour of the Campbell County Parks and Recreation Center. While they were there, they spoke with Executive Director Rick Mansur about how Parks and Recreation spends their funds generated from the 1% sales tax. Check out some of the information in this video!

1% funds at the Recreation Center are used for:

  • Safety equipment
  • Senior cardio equipment
  • Cardio equipment for customers to use

But, that’s not all! Parks and Recreation uses 1% funds for:

  • Playground materials and equipment
  • the fireworks during the Fourth of July celebrations
  • programs for youth (anywhere from volleyball, soccer, wresting, senior send off, swimming, 4-H, Girl Scouts, Pipe and Drum Band, and so forth), which often covers the cost of equipment for youth
  • if there is a youth in a junior high or high school sport program that cannot afford the necessary equipment, the parent can apply to receive help to pay for them
  • introducing new programs to the community such as curling (more on this later!)
  • tree replacement for parks

Some exciting quality of life needs are met because of the fantastic Parks and Recreation programs that is in place in Campbell County, Wyoming.

Remember, all of these funds are approved in a budget submitted to the Campbell County Commissioners in open meetings. You can view their meeting schedule at

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