Thank you Shawna McDonald for your recent letter to the editor in the Gillette News Record about the 1% sales tax in Campbell County, Wyoming.

Information on 1 Percent is a click away

There seems to still be some misinformation out there about the Optional 1 Percent tax and what it is used for, and what it isn’t.

Every four years, we have to have this information campaign and spend enormous amounts of time and money pointing people to resources to see where their tax money is being spent. So, once again: This tax has been in place for 40 years, approved every four years by the voters of Campbell County. We have a say in how the money is utilized; all we have to do is take part in the annual citizen’s survey and tell our elected officials what we feel are the needs of Campbell County.

Visitors to our wonderful community pay the sales tax and add to our revenue. The projects funded by the 1 Percent create jobs for local residents: Contractors, landscapers, social service employees, etc.

Wyoming is one of nine states with no state income tax, and Gillette is one of the cities with no city income tax. We are very lucky to live in the community that we do, and without 1 Percent funds, we could not maintain the wonderful quality of life that our far thinking city and county officials have made possible.

Our local officials have done a great job of informing the public and getting our input about how and where our tax dollars are spent. That information is an easy click away, if you care to look.

I love this community, and I want to continue to do my part to make it great place to live. I’m voting YES on the 1 Percent in November.

Shawna McDonald