Who’s checked out Campbell County Local Government’s awesome Optional 1% Story Map?

If you haven’t, you better go check it out today: http://arcg.is/14P5qf

The County built the map to inform Campbell County, Wyoming taxpayers of the projects and programs the Optional 1% Sales Tax has supported in Campbell County from July 2014 to December 2017. Of all the optional 1% tax funds received, 33.032753% goes to Campbell County, the rest is distributed to the City of Gillette and the Town of Wright. Since 1976, the optional 1% sales tax has been in effect, and the funds generated by this optional sales tax have remained in Campbell County for community projects.


Who's Checked Out the Campbell County Local Government 1% Story Map?


All dollars generated are re-invested into the communities and the county and are extended through the use of matching state, federal, and private funds.

For information on optional 1% tax projects funded by the City of Gillette (Government), visit the City’s 1% Project Information page, http://bit.ly/2nnm4ad. For information on optional 1% tax projects funded by the Town of Wright Wyoming, contact the Town of Wright at 307.464.0004 or visit www.wrightwyoming.com.